We take back items with manufactures defects with prior authorization only

What is your return policy? You just need to call 631-261-8097 to get it best dirt bikes. If you order an incorrect size, we will exchange it, but you will have to pay for the shipping. Do you give any discounts? From time to time we run specials that you will receive via e-mail or you can check by coming back to our site. We do sell at wholesale levels to other businesses that purchase in quantity. Wholesalers just need to click on “Wholesale” to learn how to purchase at a much reduced rates razor go kart for cheap!.

Do you have a brick and mortar storefront anywhere? Yes, we still have our first store located in New York on Long Island located in Northport. How can I reach you? You can shop our online store in several ways. Click on products to see a menu of categories that can again be clicked on for browsing. Click on search to use our very powerful and helpful internal site search by keywords.

Click on some of the categories at the top of our site. Click on products for a complete list. Click on “quick links” from the bottom of any page for quick access to the category list. Click on “Wholesale” if you own a business and are prepared to buy in quantities and save. Note: We ship UPS (Continental USA) and they can not deliver to a post office box. If your shipping address is a post office box, we will have to charge an additional $5.00 to your order total, since we have to travel to the post office and stand on line to ship your order. APO’s, AK, HI and P.R. are EXCLUDED. Method of Payment, etc kids 4 wheeler. PERSONAL CHECKS ACCEPTED. They will be held for 14 business days for bank clearance. Check accepted on mail order only. (No C.O.D.’s) Bank, Postal etc. Money Orders shipped next day.

We take back items with manufactures defects with prior authorization only

Mr. B has been selling motorcycle novelties and accessories for over forty years now a long while

As an avid biker himself, he has a nice stable of Harley Iron Horses. Starting many many many years ago best big wheel scooter, working out of a trailer, a camper and then trucks. Mr. B would travel around the country selling his wares at some of the then new bike events like “Datona Bike Week”, “Sturgis” and hundreds of even smaller get togethers self balancing scooter for sale. Mr. B then started a Mail Order Catalog business that grew to contain thousands of products for the biker. This went on for a lot of years, with great success may I add. Then Mr. B met me a couple of years back. You may call me “THE WEB MASTER” or John if you prefer.

Having sold many hundreds of products on the web since we met, Mr. B and I are now proud to put his entire catalog online, and stop killing all those trees. You now have enough history about Mr. B and his store. Using the links below razor scooter charger, you can quickly and easily find the item you are looking for. We are pleased to announce the bigger and better Mr. B’s Accessories Web site.

Now Containing over 5,000 products and accessories for the American bike enthusiast. All available online with an image for every product and a secure online shopping cart system to safely take your credit card payment trax review. Many new items added. All items available in our wholesale section at substantial discounts when bought in quantities shown. 

Mr. B has been selling motorcycle novelties and accessories for over forty years now a long while

Electric Mountain Bikes – Everything you ordered will be itemized in this receipt

You may also browse around the store if you wish by “clicking” the products button to the left side menu bar. An index of products will be displayed allowing you to choose a category to view and purchase from. All orders generate receipts that are automatically e-mailed to you upon the completion of the sale.  How many Products are on this site? There are currently over 5,000 items for sale and growing daily.

Do you provide an 800 Toll free number? Yes, we do. It is only for ordering, not questions on previous orders. 1-800-347-5741. Please use 631-261-8097 for anything else. Is your site secure When you begin to “checkout” our top radar detectors site becomes secure using the strongest encryption available. What is your privacy policy? We will never sell or divulge any customer information from our web site. If you receive any e-mails about specials and new items, they would come directly from us and you can easily ask us to stop at any time by clicking a button at the bottom of our mail.

How long have you been in business? Mr. B’s Accessories has been around for almost 40 years, selling via mail order and web all over the world. Do you print a paper catalog? In order to give our customers the best prices and quickest  cobra radar detectors – top quality service we have gone completely web only this year. 

Electric Mountain Bikes – Everything you ordered will be itemized in this receipt

Quick Intro To Electrical Bicycles

Being healthy has become a fashion statement nowadays; many people hit the gym or play some sport or trekking or cycling etc. However it is not everyone’s cup of tea to do such strenuous physical exercises. Many people who are middle aged and beginning to get old are advised by doctors to try not to do tough exercises that are physically demanding.

Cycling is a good exercise but it involves a little bit of physical activity. However if one prefers to hike a mountain, then it becomes difficult. To make it easy these days there are Electrical Bicycles or e-bikes, which run on motor. E-bikes??? What is it may be your question. E-bikes are getting popular and if you don’t know much about it, read below and get it clarified.

What are e-bikes?

On hearing the word e-bike, a newbie would imagine it as a motorcycle or a scooter. But, it is not so. These look similar to a normal bicycle. What makes it e- bike is that the electrical components that are attached to it. E-bike includes a motor, battery and a controller.

How do they work?

As already mentioned, these are similar to regular bicycles; they have pedals for the user to ride it. You can pedal them as you do it in a regular bicycle. There are three ways you can operate your bicycle.

Pedal mode: At times you wish to ride on your bicycle lazily and slowly, during such times you need not use your motor of the bicycle. No charge would be wasted during such times.

Electric mode: Apart from pedalling, you can also change it to motor mode. When you wish to ride over high speed and during your mountain climb you can use the electric mode of your bicycle. You can just switch over to the motor mode and enjoy riding with ease. It is very simple to start the electric mode in your bicycle. It is enough if you twist the throttle near your hand bar. The motor will automatically gets started and you can start enjoying your ride.

Pedal and Electric mode: If you have to ride a long distance, It is not possible for you to keep pedalling he whole way. You can switch between the pedal and the electrical mode at times. Switching between modes is also not a difficult one. The simple on/ off switch makes your job easier. You can even pedal when your motors on. The only difference is that you need not strain much in pedalling.

How do I charge it?

You need not go in search of any charging station to charge your e-bike. You could charge your bicycle at any outlet point. That is the best part when you compare your car and e-bike.

How do you convert a regular bike into an e-bike?

Many of you may have a regular bicycle at home. You can even convert them into e-bike. Many cheapest electric bike conversion kit are available in the market. They hold all the equipments that you need to convert them into an e-bike. It is simple as such you can convert your normal one yourself.

If you are not interested in converting your bicycle then go for a new one. There are various e-bikes that are available in the market. One of the popular brands is prodeco. Know more about it in https://www.electricbicyclenetwork.com/prodeco-electric-bike/. Whether it is prodeco or any other brand analyse them properly before purchasing the best one.

Quick Intro To Electrical Bicycles